Something about the snow

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Makes me want to drink  Hot Buttered Rum.  I was amazed recently that in my whole life I have never tried this, probably because my family isn’t much of a “rum” kind of family.  They are more tequila, and beer.

Anyhow, we mixed up some homemade butter, added sugar, pumpkin pie spice (to use it up), freshly grated nutmeg, and homemade vanilla extract, added Rum, and hot water, and voila!  It was so good in the span of like 2 days me and the man drank almost an entire bottle of  Black Seal Rum.  Lushes.

Today I tried this delicious Apple Pancake:

Needless to say, a big apple pancake was just what we needed on a cold and snowy morning (well afternoon).  We are night owls as of late, and don’t go to bed until around 4-6am, and get up at 2p.  We have gotta get out of this habit as it makes it hard to get anything done.  However, cocktail hour comes around quickly 🙂

Today we plan to have some Tea Cocktails, which the man found in this book called SteamDrunk, which is a steampunk book on punches and vintage cocktails.  So cool.

Will advise if anything is amazing.



Fall is here…

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And so are we!

So who am I?  My name is Shawn, an American that is now residing with her man, here in Calgary, Alberta – that’s Canada folks!  The man and I enjoy the food-scene of Calgary but we end up cooking quite a bit because I miss my American cuisine (primarily Mexican btw), so we cook, a lot, in our little basement apartment kitchen.  I hope the food we make inspires you to try our recipes, and let us know what you think.

I’m excited to post our very first entry into what should hopefully become a blog full of gorgeous food, gorgeous photography, and recipes that are easy for even the most basic home cooks to execute!  There are many blogs on the inter webs which have inspired me to put together my own little corner on the net, but what I have found in my travels is that so many times great food requires 20  some odd ingredients, and a ton of time.  I may have that time, but how many people really do?  Life is full of work, family, and, well….life.  I am interested in simplicity in it’s finest form.  The less we muck -around with food the better – it’s meant to be consumed in a simple preparation.  Fresh, local, seasonal, and organic when possible.

I believe that today’s society has totally screwed up the human diet, allowing corporations to totally control our minds, and therefore our bodies.  Now I’m not a nutritionist, but I believe that fad diets, and low-fat this, and low-carb that doesn’t really do it.  We are carnivorous creatures, however I do enjoy eating a primarily vegetarian diet (by choice).  Working in the meat business for 5+ years I’ve learned that, well I don’t like the animal husbandry more or less, and I don’t believe I want to support those industries en mass.  However – there are some GREAT local farms that do it right, and well raised, healthy, sustainable meat is a wonderful addition to any meal.  You will see a lot of my recipes are easily amended to include meat (usually bacon).

We will see in the months to come how this goes.  I welcome your ideas, feedback, and comments!





Hello world!

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Happy blogging!